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Lorna Alandy, Owner

Lorna has been in the insurance industry since 1997.  She has worked at several different Allstate Insurance agencies in Washington State as a Sales Producer and Office Manager, was the co-owner of her prior independent brokerage, Insurance Connections Northwest, and is now the sole owner of Alandy Insurance!  

Lorna is a New York City native who relocated to Seattle in 1995 and has called Bellevue home since 2002.  Aside from her insurance experience, Lorna has also worked extensively in real estate and in the office of a green builder.  Lorna became an independent insurance agent/broker in 2013 and has represented clients throughout Washington State.

Lorna has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and is licensed in Property, Casualty, Life, and Disability Insurance in the State of Washington. 


Insurance companies are some of the biggest advertisers on TV and radio. They all claim they will save you money if you call them – it’s their way of getting you to check their rates. They can’t guarantee the lowest price because there are too many variables for most policies.

Alandy Insurance cuts through the marketing hype and gives you facts and information to find you the lowest priced option with a quality insurance company. As independent brokers, Lorna and her team work for their clients and are not employees of any insurance company.

Alandy Insurance has access to a wide array of insurance products and can shop the best rates and coverage for customers. They will continue to professionally service your account throughout its existence and guarantee customer satisfaction.


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